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Freemotion Reflex T11.8 Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

Massively overpriced treadmill. The Reflex Deck will either make you love it or hate it. Some swear "BY" and others swear "AT" this feature.

Overall Quality

The best Freemotion machine we have ever tested. Big beefy components combined with the Reflex Deck give you something to show off. At $8,000 you would think that this machine would have something for every person but apparently that is not the case. It really is a love it or hate it machine. It is one of the highest quality machines that Icon has ever produced but it still has some of the Icon shortcomings we have come to expect in their $1,500 units.


Walking Area 9
Power 10
Cushioning 10
Reliability 7.3
Noise Level 6.5
Quality 7.8
Value 3.4
Warranty 4.5

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