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Freemotion Incline Trainer i5.3 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

One of the best deals in the Incline Trainer world. With that said, some serious corners were cut to get the price this low.

Freemotion Incline Trainer i5.3 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 6.4

The 2nd Runner Up to Smooth 5.65 ($999) in the Best Buy Awards $700 to $999 category.

What we can say in favor of the Treadmill...

A reasonably good motor that powers a smooth motor-drive system on a shorter walking surface

Amazingly, this happens to be a 2.25 HP motor that performs even better than many high priced versions. It gels smoothly with a shorter tread belt, attaining speeds topping 10 mph, creating a decent and relatively quiet running ambiance.

A more powerful motor was not considered essential because the i5.3 is expected to work more as an incline trainer, and incline workouts don't tax the drive motor.

The walking area is 9" shorter than an average sized 20" x 60" belt and this limits use to short statured runners unless it will only be used for walking. Larger users will find the going tough as the shorter tread length will force them to alter stride length.

The cushioning is reasonably effective for an incliner

Cushioning is good and bolsters this treadmill's reputation as one of the most competitive incline trainers in the market. It gives adequate support to joints, muscles and back as exercisers simulate uphill running. For anything better than this you will have to move really high up the incline trainer ladder and that makes this machine great value for money.

A satisfying 0 to 30% inclines ratio and 9 built in workout apps

Users can automatically change their speed and incline over a massive 30% range to simulate uphill workouts and combine this 9 preset workout programs and the iFit card technology to follow a strenuous and challenging workout.

Average warranty coverage

Users get lifetime for frame and motor and 5 years for parts and 1 year labor presenting a mixed bag that doesn't have the backing of great quality parts. But this is understandable considering that parts quality has to be compromised to cut corners while restricting prices.

What might hold you back...

Walking area is smaller

This is considerably shorter than the standard sized treadbelt and therefore restricts the type of users that can do workouts with comfort and safety.

Weight capacity may be exaggerated

Load beyond 300 pounds may strain the 2.25 HP motor when the treadmill is at level. Users weighing in below 300 pounds should do OK; and if the incline mode is used more often.

The problem of exceeding the budget

Users that crinkle up their face on seeing the $999 price tag would do well remember that this treadmill is a versatile machine capable of extreme inclines supported by an efficient motor and reasonably good quality drive parts designed to simulate hill slope running. It's a great package at this price level for an incline trainer.

Our verdict

The Freemotion Incline Trainer i5.3 is the 2nd Runner Up to Smooth 5.65 ($999) in the Best Buy Awards $700 to $999 category.

An efficient motor, a compact running surface, excellent cushioning, stimulating inclines and smooth workouts make this a unique and versatile incline trainer that is great value for money at the $1,000 price point. Longevity is the only downside as parts quality is not up to expectations.

Fantastic workout at a bargain price but don't think it will last forever.