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Freemotion Incline Trainer i5.3 Treadmill Review - $999.00

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  • Rating

  • Brief Overview

    One of the best deals in the Incline Trainer world. With that said, some serious corners were cut to get the price this low.
  • Overall Quality

    An efficient motor, a compact running surface, excellent cushioning, stimulating inclines and smooth workouts make this a unique and versatile incline trainer that is great value for money at the $1,000 price point. Longevity is the only downside as parts quality is not up to expectations. Fantastic workout at a bargain price but don't think it will last forever.
  • Ratings

    Walking Area 7
    Power 7
    Cushioning 6.5
    Reliability 5.6
    Noise Level 6.7
    Quality 5.6
    Value 7.1
    Warranty 5.5

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