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FreeMotion Incline Trainer i11.9 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

Really high MSRP has no relation to what these sell for. We have found them online for much less.

FreeMotion Incline Trainer i11.9 Treadmill Review



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Overall Rating: 7.11

What we can say in favor...

High powered motor paves the way for a smooth treadmilling experience

The massive 5 HP motor located at the rear end of the machine packs enough power to enable the user to follow punishing training schedules, crunching speeds topping 12 mph, without compromising efficiency. The motor is backed by a 7 year warranty.

Standard deck size with decent cushioning for a smooth running experience

A 20" x 60" running surface offers an excellent foundation for power running, and the cushioning packs just enough elasticity to deliver reasonable comfort to joints and muscles without stressing them unduly. Users can lengthen session duration without worrying about stability and safety. Decline/ Incline variation is exceptional at -3% to 30% creating a very challenging downhill and uphill running experience.

Good component quality backed by a reasonable warranty

A 7 year frame and motor warranty is offered along with 2 years for parts, 1 year for labor and 1 year for the console which is reasonable considering the higher quality of drive components and considering this one is intended for commercial use.

What we can't ignore...

Splurging $8,000 is way beyond the resources of the average user

The average runner, the cautious beginner and the intermittent user can give this giant of a treadmill a wide berth. There are many models at more affordable price points which offer better value for money than this overpriced machine.

Icon's poor customer service record is a drawback

Poor response to emergency calls and lack of timely delivery of spares continue to plague Icon, and given its huge marketing volumes it's difficult for Icon to bridge gaps in their poor service. The only consolation is that quality of high-end machines precludes the need for claiming warranty and early servicing.

Our verdict

The machine struggles to justify its $7,999 price tag particularly when models priced half this rate offer more dependability and durability. The quality of parts is also not up to the levels expected of this price tag. On the warranty front the company is not delivering when even lower models seem more attractive coming out with better warranties for home use. Offers a clean workout but at too high a price.

Great workout but a great big price tag to go along with it. If you are interested in this one the i7.9 model should be enough.