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Freemotion 760 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

Nice treadmill and not a bad option for $1299. It is hard to find something much better than this machine.

Freemotion 760 Treadmill Review



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Overall Rating: 6.69

Freemotion , originally named as Ground Zero Fitness, was acquired by Icon Health & Fitness and renamed as Freemotion capitalizing on the market strength of the product. The changeover worked wonders as the model lineup became staple hardware for many clubs. Users were assured of the impeccable quality of Icon, and a taste of Icon's lack luster servicing and parts delivery.

Icon capitalizing on their vast manpower and enormous resources produce machines that boast the best designs in the treadmill business. The company grew in size and reach to achieve commendable mass-marketing success offering competitive prices with matching quality. Their products come packed with features but we rate the machines on the basis of individual machine quality, rather than the poor quality of their after sales service.

What we can say in favor of the TM

A 3.25 HP motor gives adequate backup for power runners

The motor has enough power to accommodate a power runner following an extreme workout, while attaining top speeds of 12 mph, but it does fall in performance a little bit compared to other motors in the same price range.

Running surface is standard, inclines add variety to workouts

The 20" x 60" running surface accommodates bigger users with ease and will not cramp running styles. Taller runners can confidently take longer strides and stretch sessions to burn more calories. The cushioning adequately enhances running comfort and delivers reasonable joint protection to enable longer workouts. Maximum 15% inclines add spark and variety to the workout by simulating uphill terrain.

Excellent component quality matched by a great warranty

The treadmill is backed up by warranty that is lifetime for frame and motor, 5-year for parts and 2-year for labor, which is very great for this price range. The quality of parts will guarantee that you enjoy a good long haul before you claim that warranty.

Space saving folding treadmill

The treadmill allows you to save space with an easy lift mechanism that gets the deck to fold up quickly and be parked out of harm's way.

Points to ponder...

The casual user may consider $1,300 a difficult climb

It's definitely not going to be easy breaking the average budget to cross the $1,000 barrier. Treadmill users, especially the casual runners and intermittent exercisers, would do better to consider low end models that have essential features at the appropriate price. It's up to the users to decide what's affordable while aiming for minimum levels of quality.

Poor customer service could be problematic

Non availability of timely service and waiting period for spare parts are glaring defects that Icon is still struggling to redress. This puts a dent in their high quality products that reduces the value overall.

Our verdict

Compared to the "Best New Treadmill" topper The Official Boston Marathon Treadmill 4.0, the Freemotion 760 is definitely more value for money and manages to hold its own in the intensely competitive $1000 to $1299 segment. This is a good investment if you have no issues with the price or service delivery.

Made by the same factory that makes all the other top models in this price range.