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FreeMotion 750 Interactive Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

A great choice at the $1300 price point- where we regularly see it on sale.

FreeMotion 750 Interactive Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








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Overall Rating: 7.01

Don't be fooled by the high listed MSRP'with that said, it is quite a bargain at $1300 and an excellent value for the money.

You may see the Freemotion 750 Interactive with a listed price that leaves your jaw on the floor, but you shouldn't worry. It's quite easy to find this treadmill on sale for $1,299. At that price, it's an excellent value. It was the 2nd runner up for our Best Buy award in the $1,000-1,299 price range.

The walking area is a really good size. It's 20" x 60", which is about standard these days for a walking belt. It should be enough room to fit users that have large strides.

The motor in this machine is really good. If you want a model that produces more power, you're probably going to have to pay about $4,000, and not all models in that price range are better in this area.

The cushioning system is really impressive for the price, if you get it at $1,299. SRS, or surface response suspension, is used to reduce that impact running has on your back and joints. Freemotion claims that it will help to reduce fatigue, so you can keep running for longer.

The projected reliability is decent at this price. There are other treadmills the have a comparable life expectancy and cost less, but most of the sub-$1,300 models don't do as well in this area. The quality of parts is a little better than you'd expect at this price point.

When considering the cost, the noise level on this model is where you'd expect it to be. At high speeds, you'll hear the motor turning, but it won't be anything that bothers the average user. The warranty is really good on the Freemotion 750. Labor is covered for 2 years, parts are covered for 5 years, and the frame and motor are covered for life. You can find other companies willing to back their treadmills with a similar warranty at this price range, but you'd have a hard time finding anyone willing to offer more.