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Freemotion 730 Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

With the much shorter warranty and some component downgrades, we would go with the 790 Interactive if you like this one.

Overall Quality

The Freemotion 730 isn't breaking the mold to showcase anything mind blowing at its $1,300 price point. The better option would be the NordicTrack C1600 Pro that is made by the same factory with many of the same parts offering a better motor, improved running area, and a stronger warranty. Unless you can get a big discount on this model go with the NordicTrack C1600 Pro model.


Walking Area 8.2
Power 7
Cushioning 6.7
Reliability 5.8
Noise Level 6.4
Quality 5.8
Value 4.9
Warranty 5.5

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