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Fitnex Fitnex XT5 Kids Treadmill Treadmill Review

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How long will the Fitnex Fitnex XT5 Kids Treadmill last?

The Fitnex XT5 Kids Treadmill has a not so substantial weight of 152 lbs. and can hold users who weigh up to a maximum of 200 lbs. It is tailored for use by a smaller child, and it offers both a light commercial and residential warranty with a lifetime frame and 1 year labor warranty on both. The commercial warranty covers 5 years on the motor and 3 years on the parts, while the residential offers a 20-year motor and 5-year parts warranty. Pretty substantial for such a light weighted treadmill. Most retailers selling this machine are only offering a 1-year overall warranty so check before purchasing always. Finally, a child who is both short and light will be able to get a few miles of use from this treadmill with proper maintenance and care.

Brief Overview

Fitnex shows innovation with the XT5 Kids treadmill and will find a niche for those parents who think their kids need miniatures of everything to successfully succeed in this crazy world today. The build does suggest that Fitnex plans on this treadmill staying around for longer than a hot minute and we wonder how many treadmills tailored for children will reach the market in the next few years as the pickings are rather slim at present.

Overall Quality

Physical activity is a great way to stay healthy and maintain your body and it can be difficult for children, who may not have access to a safe outdoor space or a place to exercise during inclement weather conditions. But by getting them started early on exercising habits, you will help lay down strong foundations that last throughout their lifetime. Fortunately, the Fitnex XT5 Kids Treadmill was created to help your child stay fit without ever leaving the house - at least if you're willing to shell out almost $2000 to help your child’s cardiovascular exercise training. The Fitnex XT5 Kids Treadmill comes with a 2.5 HP motor and up to 10 MPH max speed. It also offers up to a 12% incline to intensify workouts though the 18” x 52” belt might stop taller children from fully extending their legs. Distance, speed, time, calories, elevation, and heartrate are all displayed on a 4-window simple LED console and there is a total of 5 built in workouts to help kids focus on getting in shape.

Things we like

  • Not many treadmills tailored specifically for children
  • Commercial grade parts

Things we dislike

  • X
    Expensive for a child that is continously growing


Dimensions 65 Long x 34 Wide
Running Belt 18 x 52


Home - 5 years parts, 20 years motor, lifetime frame, 1 year labor -- Light Commercial - 3 years parts, 5 years motor, lifetime frame, 1 year labor


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The Fitnex XT5 Kids Treadmill is a neat way for a child to get in shape if they are not too tall and not too heavy. Also, due to it being motorized, leaving your child unsupervised while exercising is not advised as information on safety tests are hard to find. We do find this an innovative offering in the specialty niche of children’s fitness offerings but do not know that the price quite measures up to the features offered in this machine. A smaller, less expensive treadmill might be a better choice considering how children grow almost daily in their journey to adulthood.