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Famistar W 500C Treadmill Review

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How long will the Famistar W 500C last?

Due to the light weight of Famistar W500C and its cheap price tag, we at Treadmill Doctor are hesitant to forecast a long life for this unit. With that said, all the entry level treadmills at this price point are a bit of a gamble. If you are small person, I mean unable to ride certain rides at amusement parks small and maintain this treadmill you may get a few quality years of use out of the Famistar W500C. If you are on the heavy, tall side, and/ or a runner you will be disappointed in this treadmill. Also, the short warranty gives you an insight as to the life span the manufacturer thinks you will get from there product.

Brief Overview

The Famistar W500C is an entry level folding treadmill. The Famistar W500C is a walking treadmill or a treadmill designed for a small light weight jogger due to its small running surface. This treadmill is small and has the appearance of a toy, but it has a decent array of programs that make it stand out among its competition. Therefore, this Famistar W500C made the Third-Place spot on Treadmill Doctor’s Best Buy List for treadmills under $399.

Overall Quality

The Famistar W500C is an entry level machine, that is a light folding treadmill. In our opinion it is designed for a lighter weight walker more than a jogger. This treadmill has a decent array of programs to choose from, which is a nice feature. The lack of an incline is not necessarily a bad thing. Typically, in this price range a incline is just one more thing that breaks. The Famistar is the lightest treadmill among our 2021 Best Buys which allows it to be easily moved.

In addition to the Famistar W500C being the lightest machine, it also has the lowest weight capacity. These two features generally result in a poorly built treadmill. On top of that this treadmill is built with an under powered motor and you now see why we suggest this treadmill for a person small in stature. If you are larger than normal or a jogger this treadmill will probably will not last and it will not be a comfortable fit for you. The warranty is on the short side and we are always skeptical of a satisfaction guarantee.

Things we like

  • Affordable
  • 12 Built-In Programs

Things we dislike

  • X
    Small Running Surface
  • X
    No Incline
  • X
    Very Light Weight


Number of Programs 12
Heart Rate Monitor EKG Handlebars
Horsepower 1.5
Speed Capacity 6 mph
Incline N/A
Weight Capacity 240 lbs
Belt Size 15.7 x 43.3
Folds Yes
Unit Weight 82.5 lbs
Warranty Two Year Replacement Parts


This is the first year Treadmill Doctor has reviewed the Famistar W500C treadmill. Please see our Famistar and other treadmill reviews to see how the W500C might fit your criteria.


The Famistar W500C is an entry level folding treadmill with no incline. It is flimsy and has a lightweight capacity. This treadmill is designed for tiny people who are walkers or slow joggers due to its extremely small walking area and underpowered motor. The fact that the W500C has 12 preprograms is a plus to us. And while certainly not the best treadmill in the world this treadmill made third place in our 2021 Best Buy List for treadmills under $399 range, due to the program selection.

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Gennaro J Custode- Famistar Treadmill Jan 12, 2021

I purchased this for my wife. The packaging it was shipped in was great. It was extremely easy to assemble. It took 10 minutes. The instructions were very clear. It is very easy to use. It runs very smoothly. It takes up little space since it does fold up. The price point on this makes it very affordable. It is worth every penny. I highly recommend this unit to anyone & everyone looking to purchase a quality treadmill.