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Exerpeutic 1500 XL Treadmill Review

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How long will the Exerpeutic 1500 XL last?

As with any treadmill in this price range, this Exerpuetic could be a gamble. We like the fact that the weight of the machine is heavier than most treadmills under $399. The 5 Year Motor and frame warranty gives the buyer some peace of mind. Also, the fact that the Exerpuetric is a very basic treadmill with few features is positive in this price range. The more features, like more buttons, etc, the more things there are to break. And with only a 90-days parts and labor warranty things can go south quick. If you are a short person that is well under the claimed 400 LBS it purports to support, and take care of your treadmill, this treadmill could potentially have a decent lifespan with a little luck.

Brief Overview

The Exerpueutic 1500 XL folding is an entry-level foldable walking treadmill that doesn’t offer many features. The Exerputic has a small footprint and conveniently folds and has a high weight capacity. While we find this capacity dubious due to the small walking surface the weight capacity makes this treadmill stand out in treadmills in this price range. As a result of the weight capacity and the best in class warranty, we felt that the Exerpuetric 1500 XL deserved the Fourth Place Award on 2021 Best Buy List for treadmills under $399.

Overall Quality

The Overall quality of the Exerpuetic 1500 XL is cheap, but so are all the Treadmills in this price range. This walking treadmill is however the heaviest of the treadmills on the 2021 Best Buy list for treadmills under $399. So, it seems to have a better built than most of its competition. We at Treadmill Doctor like the fact that the manufacturer stands behind their drive motor and frame for 5 years. The Exerpuetic 1500 XL has 1 program to choose from and in this regard, it is easy to use. The walking surface is wide which should accommodate wider individuals providing they are short. And the weight capacity is substantial but overstated. Still, we feel most heavier individuals should have some peace of mind using this treadmill providing they are short. <br/> As with all entry-level treadmills, there are numerous things we do not like about the Exerpuetric 1500 XL. While the stated weight capacity is high, we feel the underpowered motor coupled with the short length of walking surface is misleading to the consumer. The 1 program may not be enough for some users, but this is a walking treadmill after all due to its limited speed range. And while the warranty for this treadmill is better than most of its competition in this price range, the parts and labor warranty is a bit short.

Things we like

  • Affordable
  • High Weight Capacity
  • Easy to Use
  • Motor & Frame Warranty
  • Wide Walking Surface

Things we dislike

  • X
    1 preprogrammed workout
  • X
    1.5 Horse Power Motor
  • X
    Parts & Labor Warranty
  • X
    Short Length of Walking Surface


Number of Programs 1
Heart Rate Senor & Type EKG


This is the first year Treadmill Doctor has reviewed the Exerpuetric 1500 XL. Check out our other treadmill reviews to see how the Exerputric stacks up against its competition.


The Exerpuetic 1500 XL is an entry-level folding walking treadmill designed for a shorter and wider individual. It should be relatively easy to use as it has just 1 program. While it is certainly not the best treadmill in the world this treadmill has enough features to make it stand out against its competition. Therefore we have placed the Exerpuetic 1500 XL in our Fourth Place 2021 Best Buy spot for treadmills under $399.

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