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Exerpeutic 1010 Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

*In our opinion, this treadmill is a safety hazard. The design is one that can create real problems if you have a malfunction.

Horrible design combined with poor quality parts makes for a terrible customer experience.


Walking Area 3.5
Power 2.5
Cushioning 2.5
Reliability 1.8
Noise Level 6
Quality 1.8
Value 5.1
Warranty 2.1

Customer Reviews

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Barb- Almost seriously injuredJun 18, 2019

I was walking on this treadmill when it suddenly went from 2mph to pegged. I couldn't get off and struggled not to fall. I kept pressing the stop button and nothing happened. It scared me to death. I will never go near that thing again.

Judy Enderle- 1010h treadmill exerpeuticMar 10, 2020

Bought in 2018 didn't get to use it much no room in my house, my daughter move back in, she moves out. Now I can get back to walking and now it doesn't work company told me to check some things out nothing works and I am out 500.00 and a piece of junk.