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Endurance TF3i Folding Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

A plain vanilla treadmill at a plain vanilla price?nothing to get too excited about. If you need a good treadmill look elsewhere.

Overall Quality

These aren't the best built treadmills in the world and they leave you with a plain vanilla feel but sometimes you can enjoy vanilla as much as any other flavor. With the big price decrease since they are selling at Sam's, they get us a bit more interested but not interested enough to buy one. This one is simply the folding model of the T3i...nothing more and nothing less and not much to see. When you compare this machine with what is available from NordicTrack in this price range, you will toss your cookies.


Walking Area 4.8
Power 5.3
Cushioning 6.2
Reliability 4.8
Noise Level 4.7
Quality 4.3
Value 2.5
Warranty 8.5