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Endurance T3i Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

Another treadmill that has a stupidly referenced MSRP. We think they didn't sell many and that's why they turned them over to Sam's Club.

Overall Quality

At $1,000 some of the other Sams and Costco units still make more sense but "most people" cannot ignore a model that is selling for nearly ?? price. Don't be "most people." The Bodysolid company behind the Endurance machines had a huge hit with their home gym weight equipment far over a decade ago and then decided that they would do for the cardio world what they did for the strength training didn't work out! It is much easier to make a high quality weight bench when compared with a treadmill and Bodysolid's Chinese factory just isn't up to the task of building a quality treadmill.


Walking Area 4.8
Power 5.3
Cushioning 6.2
Reliability 4.8
Noise Level 4.7
Quality 4.3
Value 2.7
Warranty 8.5

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