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Echelon EX5S Connect Bike Bike Review

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How long will the Echelon EX5S Connect Bike last?

Constructed of steel with a powder coat finish, the Echelon EX 5s Connect Bike weighs a respectable 124 lbs. when fully assembled and holds users up to a 300 lb. maximum capacity. It is built for moderate use and should provide many a workout with proper care and maintenance. While it is a fine-looking machine, the manufacturer is rather stingy and only offers a rather limited year warranty on parts and labor.

Brief Overview

The Echelon EX 5s Connect Bike was our fourth-place winner for 2021 Best Buy for the $1500 to $1999 price class due to its quality attributes and connectivity even though the warranty is extremely disappointing for the overall cost. There is a pleasing blend of technology and functionality that will titillate users of all fitness levels and while the outright cost might seem daunting, there are numerous ways to finance when purchasing this machine on the Echelon website.

Overall Quality

The Echelon EX 5s Connect Bike is an overall wonder with a truly sleek design and an amazing 22” touchscreen display. It pivots 180-degrees for cross training purposes and with the Echelon app (requires membership subscription) allows users to immerse themselves in live training and compete with people all over the world as they ride their way to top fitness goals. There are 32 levels of resistance to entice higher intensity workouts made possible through the smooth performance of the 28 lb. flywheel and a quick twist of a knob. The larger seat is vented and moves both horizontally and vertically for fitting most all sizes for perfect riding comfort while the toe cages (or pedal clips-user choice) keep feet secure mile after mile. Even the handlebars were designed for comfort with an elbow rest and two water bottle holders making it easy to lean and hydrate at the same time.

Things we like

  • awesome design
  • 22” touchscreen
  • 32 levels of resistance

Things we dislike

  • X
    low warranty


Screen 22" and 10" Class HD Touch Screen Flips 180°
Weight 124 lb
Dimensions 58" x 21.5" x 61"
User Weight Limit 300 lb
Pedals SPD Compatible Clips + Adjustable Toe Cage
Resistance 32 Levels
Dumbbell Holders 2 Included Hold 2 lb Each (Weights Sold Separately)
Adjustability Seat Up / Down, Handlebars Fore / Aft + Up / Down


The Echelon EX 5s Connect Bike was our fourth-place winner for 2021 Best Buy for the $1500 to $1999 price class. We invite you to see our bike reviews to help you narrow your search for your next fitness machine.


The Echelon EX 5s Connect Bike is a great choice for users across the fitness spectrum. Many commendable parts infuse this machine making it worth the investment despite its limited warranty offering. Though it is at the higher end of the budget-friendly models, the EX 5s offers comfort, safety, functionality, and technology rolled into one heck of a riding machine.