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Echelon EX5 Connect Bike Bike Review

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How long will the Echelon EX5 Connect Bike last?

Built with an innovative mixture of steel, the Echelon EX 5 Connect Bike has a light frame that weighs a total of 106 lbs. fully assembled. Users up to a 300 lb. limit can supposedly workout on this machine though to be safer, weights closer to 300 should steer clear and check out the next size up model. It is best suited for light to moderate use and should last a lucky purchaser a few years of riding pleasure. Echelon offers a 12-month limited parts and labor warranty for the EX 5 Connect which is rather disappointing considering the price range. Users buying from the Echelon website will be pleased to learn they have 30 days to return if they are not happy with their purchase.

Brief Overview

The Echelon EX 5 Connect Bike was our second-place winner for the 2021 Best Buy for the $1000 to $1499 price class. It offers the ability to connect to the Echelon app opening a world of training opportunities to the paying subscriber. It has a great many attributes that make it a welcome addition to any home gym despite being in the higher range of the budget-friendly zone.

Overall Quality

The Echelon EX 5 Connect Bike is a decent choice for beginning users or those looking to work out a couple of times a week. It offers high intensity workouts with 32 levels of resistance for users wanting to tone and buff body parts and has a 28 lb. flywheel which enable smooth performance through out the whole exercise experience. Hands gracefully mount the bullhorn handles to stay steady during rides while toe cages or shoe clips securely hold feet to the pedals. Handlebars can be adjusted up and down, but the padded seat offers both a vertical and horizontal movement to guarantee optimal seating comfort. The device holder is also a marvel with a 180-degree pivoting ability allowing users the ability to take workouts beyond the scope of riding a bike.

Things we like

  • budget-friendly
  • hint of technology
  • decent design

Things we dislike

  • X
    low to no warranty


Device Holder Holds Devices from 2.5" to 12.9" + Flips 180°
Weight 106 lbs (48kg)
Dimensions 58" x 20" x 55"
User Weight Limit 300 lbs
Pedals SPD Compatible Clips + Adjustable Toe Cage
Resistance 32 Levels
Dumbbell Holders 2 Included Hold 2 lb Each (Weights Sold Separately)
Adjustability Seat Up / Down, Handlebars Fore / Aft + Up / Down


The Echelon EX 5 Connect Bike was our second-place winner for the 2021 Best Buy for the $1000 to $1499 price class. We invite you to see our bike reviews to help you narrow your search for your next fitness machine.


The Echelon EX 5 Connect Bike offers users an ability to connect to a group of trainers and competitors through the download of the Echelon app and paid subscription. There are also many elements that make this bike a worthwhile purchase despite the underwhelming labor and parts warranty. Users inhabiting many levels of fitness health will enjoy the use of this sleek looking indoor riding machine.