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Echelon EX5 Connect Bike Bike Review

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How long will the Echelon EX5 Connect Bike last?

Echelon seems to have some cool attributes built into this bike, but they do not back it up with that great of a warranty. Echelon did put a twenty-eight-pound flywheel on this bike, which is not the best weight or the worst. We believe the possibility of this bike holding up is good, but not great. For the price of this bike, we would suggest a light or moderate user.

Brief Overview

The Echelon EX5 Connect Bike has many great attributes which brings this bike to the top of our list. But we understand that the EX 5 is towards the top of the price range for this class. This leads us to place the Echelon EX5 Connect Bike in our second-place winner for 2021 Best Buy for the $1000 to $1499 price class.

Overall Quality

The Echelon EX5 Connect Bike comes with a lot of good parts that justify the price of the machine.

Echelon built this bike with a belt drive system for durability. They also thought about safety with the Caged pedals that prevent the rider’s feet from slipping as easy. The device holder will hold up to a twelve-and-a-half-inch device, that connects with Bluetooth to the bike to reveal your exercise results. The flywheel is an ok weight, not the heavies and not the lightest. We believe it will do ok for this bike and the users that would purchase this bike.

Echelon set us back by the warranty that is only good for one year of part and labor. Typically, a pour warranty shows that a company does not believe in their machine. For the price of the bike, it would be nice to know Echelon stands behind their product.

Things we like

  • 28 Pound Flywheel
  • Belt Drive System

Things we dislike

  • X
    High Price for Value
  • X
    Poor Warranty


Number of Programs N/A
Console 21.5 inch Bluetooth
Flywheel Weight 28 lbs
Drive System Type Belt
Resistance Levels 32
Seat Adjustable
Handlebars Adjustable
Pedals Cage
Transport Wheels Front
Foot Print 20 x54
Weight Capacity 300 lbs.
Unit Weight 124 lbs.
Warranty 1 year Parts and Labor


This is the first that we have reviewed the Echelon EX 5 Connect bike. We invite you to check out our other Schwinn reviews as well as our other bike reviews to help you in your search for a new fitness machine.


If you are looking for a bike with caged pedals, and Bluetooth to use your own device and are not as worried about the warranty that comes with the EX 5, this could be the bike for you. We still believe you should look at the advantages and disadvantages of all the bikes you are considering and discover what bike best fits your lifestyle. We have placed the Echelon EX 5 Connect Bike in second place winner for 2021 Best Buy for the $1000 to $1499 price point.

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