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Echelon EX Pro Connect Bike Review

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How long will the Echelon EX Pro Connect last?

The Echelon EX Pro Connect Bike is a massive beast of a machine weighing a solid 165 lbs. when fully assembled. Users up to a 325 lb. capacity can readily workout on this indoor riding machine. It is built for moderate use and should last for quite a few years despite the limited 1-year parts and labor warranty offered by the manufacturer. Keep in mind simply unplugging after use along with a proper maintenance schedule and regular cleaning will increase the lifespan of this machine.

Brief Overview

Commercially rated, the Echelon EX Pro Connect Bike is a great fit for any retail or home setting and is a workhorse of a machine designed to suit a multitude of fitness levels. It offers all around comfort and a sleek design with extra niceties built into the sturdy frame. The EX Pro Connect even has shrouds that cover the flywheel and other parts to keep them free from debris and maintenance to a minimum.

Overall Quality

The Echelon EX Pro Connect Bike has a pleasing mixture of technology and functionality rolled into a commercial grade fitness machine. A whopping 24” touchscreen display crowns this hardy cycle between bull-like handlebars that offer extra gripping for high intensity rides enabled in the course of traveling through 32 resistance levels. The display screen swivels 180-degrees for cross-training purposes and even comes with dumbbell holders attached behind the well-padded seats for upper body workouts. Access to the Echelon app gives users entrance to live training and endless exercise experiences through a paid subscription along with downloaded apps for entertainment purposes. Other heavy features like a Kevlar belt and a unique tapered crank keep operations smooth throughout each workout period. Both the handlebars and the seats adjust in a horizontal and vertical manner allowing users of various heights and sizes ultimate comfort during riding fun.

Things we like

  • commercial grade
  • 24” touchscreen display
  • sweet design
  • technology

Things we dislike

  • X
    low warranty


Internet Requirements Ethernet wired or WiFi (download speed > 25 Mbits/s; upload > 512 Kbits/s)
Power Requirements 10V or 240V (2 ports; front and rear frame) Generator Power to Bike Resistance System
Ethernet Connection Port 2 Ports; Front and Rear
Touch Screen 24" HD touch screen with 180°pivot adjustment
Audio Features User-facing dual speakers; Bluetooth audio; standard 3.5mm audio jack
Workout Data Displayed Live Leaderboard, Watts, RPM, MPH, Calories, Distance, Time, Heart Rate, Resistance Level
Heart Rate Bluetooth telemetry
Adjustability Ultra Simple Ratchet Lever Design
Safety Brake Immediate Response Electronic Safety Brake
Crank Morse Taper Heavy Duty Commercial Grade
Resistance System Electronic Generator Brake
Weight 165.34 lbs (75 kg)


Contact Echelon customer service for support with any issues covered under the 12-month limited parts and labor warranty


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The Echelon EX Pro Connect Bike is a massive workout machine built to last despite limited warranty options. It is commercially graded and designed to appeal to a multitude of fitness consumers. From handlebar to pedals, the EX Pro Connect offers comfort, stability, and an endless amount of workout opportunities available through the subscription to the Echelon world.