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Cybex 790T Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

A fantastic machine with a fantastic price. Good choice but you better have your checkbook ready for the hit.

Cybex 790T Treadmill Review



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Overall Rating: 8.51

What you can shout from the rooftops...

A dream motor to power your fitness goals

With a 5 HP motor breathing fire in the background this is the machine that serious runners, professional athletes and ace trainers love to grind into the ground. The powerful motor guarantees top speeds of 15.6 mph and the incline motor provides groundbreaking inclines maxing at 20% for an awesome training exercise that packs the punch and variety of the harsh outdoors. To ease your conscience there's a 5 year warranty on motor parts and labor.

Superb running area with a forgiving cushioning for serious users

The 22" x 60" surface is designed for the accomplished runner that can max speeds of 15.6 mph. The user can exploit the steeper 20% inclines and manipulate varying exercise intensities without sacrificing his stability, stride or running comfort.

The deck absorbs the impact of running feet beautifully, giving excellent protection to leg muscles and the back and hip joints. The motor and drive system work in unison creating an awesome ambiance for workouts that won't agitate the neighbors.

A warranty matching the quality of machine components

This is a strong warranty in line with what is generally provided in premium models. The high quality of parts and the excellence of the drive system will be reason enough not to claim this warranty coverage for a long time to come. Users that view their machine as a lifetime investment couldn't pick a better model. The company's after sales service is excellent and highly dependable, and that's the bonus.

Points to ponder...

Quality and performance at too high a price

If the Cybex 790T is a heartwarming treadmill for the professional athlete it comes with a heartbreaking sticker. Even hard working professionals will have to run extra miles to finance this bank breaker. You have to ask yourself if it's worth upsizing the mortgage to accommodate this masterpiece. For those who can't, there is hope - there are cheaper models with features suited to your budget at lower price bands.

Massive motor power and high user weight tolerance could be mismatched to your needs

If you are the average runner weighing around 200 pounds using the machine infrequently, look below the $4,000 price point that offers value for money alternatives.

Not folding; requires a large parking space and more headroom

With dimensions of 82.5"L × 36"W × 60"H, this treadmill can't be folded and pushed into a corner; it needs a dedicated space in the home that must be decided before the purchase. The higher 8.5" step-up can be a disadvantage in enclosures with shorter ceilings.

The final diagnosis

If you want to escape from the drudgery of a nine to five office routine and you wish to exercise your heart out and keep yourself nicely entertained while running in absolute comfort down the fitness highway, you couldn't ask for a better companion. This is a dream treadmill at a dramatic price.

One of the best machines that you can every day workout on but it should be since it is also one of the most expensive.