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Cybex 770T Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

If you have $8000 burning a hole in your pocket, this one is your choice!

Cybex 770T Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








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Overall Rating: 8.63

Cybex, formerly known as Trotter, is renowned for producing heavier and pricier treadmills that follow the three pillars of excellence - Quality-Stability-Durability and they are excellent machines to buy. There is so much quality in the product that you find these machines lasting for a long, long time.

Cybex has roughed it out facing heavy competition from Matrix, Lifefitness, Precor, and Nautilus in the commercial segment and many more in the lower-priced segments, but the company has emerged stronger.

Cybex lost out to True ES900 Escalate ($5,999) in the $4,000 and Up Best Buy category but it was mainly for being pricier.

What you can shout from the rooftops...

At 5 HP this is a dream engine empowering extreme fitness goals!

Want to set your imagination free? If mounting a Monte Carlo Red Cybex 770T leads you to think you are ready to race a Ferrari on an international race track, you could be forgiven.

Whether you happen to be a casual runner or a trained athlete you will hold this machine in awe because it delivers a mind-blowing performance matching any exercise intensity.

It powers the deck with ease creating a nearly noise free environment where you can hear your thoughts loud and clear. Changing gears to speeds of 12.4 mph is a cinch and adjusting inclines to 15% adds all the variety you might need in any workout.

Belt size of 22" x 60" and cushioning protect serious users

The 22" x 60" walking belt is standard issue for this range and serious runners get ample space, stride length and stability to go the distance without worrying about balance. What stabilizes the belt is the excellent motor-drive compatibility that takes TM performance to the next level.

The model has an orthopedic belt. Runners will enjoy a softer landing, adequate firmness in the middle, and just the right amount of rigidness at toe take off to match the body's rhythm of running. The result is a smoother, comfortable run or walk with less stress, lower impact, and lesser shock.

Perfect warranty matching perfect quality

This is a strong warranty in tune with industry standards observed in premium models, and the perfection in quality of components will mean that you won't have to resort to it. Happily, the service track record of the company is good enough to satisfy committed users.

Points to ponder...

Cost too intimidating for the average user

The Cybex 770T is sturdy masterpiece of a treadmill that is built to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, for the common man it's the price equivalent of a brand new car.

This is perfectly understandable because this treadmill targets the professional racer or active athlete aiming at national or international exposure or the marathon runner focusing on extreme fitness. If they can't buy the best that money can buy, users should try lower priced models at a reduced cost that deliver standardized features.

The motor-drive power and capability could be mismatched to runner's priorities

For the average American family, a machine costing $2000 (or lower) may be a more practical choice.

High step-up: 8.5" may cause "head-aches" for tall users

Taller customers using these machines in lower ceiling spaces would need serious head protection.

Not folding; requires more space to park this machine

Dimensions 82.5" × 36" × 59" that won't fold up and disappear into a corner, will be a burden. The gym may be the best place for this marvel, not a cramped apartment or small home.

The final diagnosis

Quality of the motor, stability of the deck and durability of the cushioning indicates that this is not a Johnny-come-lately treadmill. If you test walk or test run this treadmill, one fact will become crystal clear - whether you happen to be casual walker, energetic jogger or an extreme racer, this treadmill puts you through the paces effortlessly without skipping a beat. This is top notch equipment for the high end fitness routine.

We have people who write in and say they want to only buy one treadmill for the rest of their life- if that is your goal, be ready to pony up for the 770T.