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Cybex 625A Elliptical Review

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Brief Overview

The 625A is the lower body only version of Cybex's standard commercial arc trainer. If you want exactly what you use in the club, then this is your machine. Cybex's arc trainers are neither home units or technically ellipticals. They are, however, similar and popular with people the use club ellipticals. That's why we include them in our reviews each year.

Overall Quality

Cybex is known for producing high-quality ellipticals, although they would quibble with the description of the arc trainer as an elliptical. They are also known for charging their customers out of the nose for their products. Just remember that you will get a great quality machine for a very poor value due to the high price.


Adjustability 7
Reliability 7
Noise Level 5
Value 3
Warranty 5
Quality 7
Ergonomics 6

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