Bowflex M6 Max Trainer Elliptical Reviews

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How long will the Bowflex M6 Max Trainer last?

While the warranty on the Bowflex M6 Max Trainer is lower than most, this compact machine is perfect for light to moderate workouts and will last longer than one would think with proper care and maintenance, including a dust-free, environmentally friendly workout zone as it will increase the longevity of this machine. The M6 has a decent 136 lb. fully assembled weight and is rated for a 300 lb. maximum capacity which is standard – providing safe and continuous workouts for years to come. Bowflex does offer surplus warranties if purchased off their website so consumers can be assured their investment is fully protected.

Brief Overview

The Bowflex M6 Max Trainer is our Fourth Place Best Buy Winner in the $1,000 to $1,499 price range. It is tailored for those wanting to add a bit of challenge to their exercise routine or upgrade from a treadmill or exercise bike to fuel further fitness goals. The M6 is a high stepper and care must be taken when placed in a workout space as additional height is needed for safe workout fun. Additionally, the M6 does come with a free heartrate armband if bundled when purchased.

Overall Quality

The Bowflex M6 Max Trainer is streamlined to fit into any home gym and has a super compact frame to boot. Users weighing less than 300 lbs. can safely trek their way to a higher level of fitness health on the oversize pedals of this machine. The M6 offers high intensity training with 16 levels of resistance for additional challenges each time of use. Likewise, there are many ways to hold on during exercise with multiple grips – one which registers heat beats for tracking purposes towards goal attainment.
The console on the Bowflex M6 Max Trainer has an LCD display that is backlit for easy reading and simply designed for stress-free use. The console is compatible with the JRNY app and purchasers of the M6 get a free 2-month membership if they submit new member applications. The JRNY app adapts workouts based on the user’s performance level and builds individualized goals for each and every one. This app also has motion tracking and can keep up with actual repetitions in real-time which is both incredibly neat and scary technology simultaneously existing in a phone or tablet used for streaming objectives.

Things we like

  • Compact frame
  • Budget-friendly
  • 2-month JRNY app membership

Things we dislike

  • X
    Low warranty unless additionally purchased


Assembled Dimensions 46 L x 26” W x 64.2” H
Unit Weight 136 lbs.
Maximum Weight 300 lbs.
Resistance 16
Incline High stepper
Min. Ceiling Height User height + 19.4”
Compatible JRNY app


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The Bowflex M6 Max Trainer offers thousands of workouts as well as streaming entertainment through the use and continued paid membership of the JRNY app. It is tailored for users across the fitness spectrum and specifically designed to be a combination elliptical and high stepper for toning both upper and lower body extremities. Additionally, the M6 is a budget-friendly investment for any home workout space and a great addition to any exercise regime.