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Bodyguard T460XC Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

Go to a dealer and get on a high end True or go to a local health club and walk on a high end Star Trac or Lifefitness. Why would you buy a Bodyguard at this price? Their real strength for the longest time has been around the $2.5k starting point and going up to about $3k. At $4.5k commercial models start making more sense.

Overall Quality

Good drive system but Bodyguard has suffered the same illness as SportsArt. Put a bunch of quality into the machine and damn the price. The problem is that it damns the product too. Maybe the factory is so remotely located in French Canada that they have lost touch with the fact that most people don't have $5k to plunk down on a treadmill when you consider the delivery cost and tax. Additionally, you can get a better machine from other factories at a lower price.


Walking Area 9
Power 7.25
Cushioning 7.8
Reliability 7.3
Noise Level 7
Quality 7
Value 4
Warranty 10