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Bodyguard T280P Ortho Treadmill Review - $3,999.00

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  • Rating

  • Brief Overview

    A fine treadmill with a very good track record on service. The shortcoming of the unit simply is price but they did this ortho model right by using a big motor.
  • Overall Quality

    This factory continues to have problems with volume making higher prices than comparable units a fact of life?you sell fewer units, costs have to be amortized over fewer units. They aren't gouging the public but simply are pricing themselves out of the market. We have always liked Bodyguard units and from every dealer we have spoken with, you simply don't have to service their units often but that is also the case for True and Precor and with those brands, it is much easier to find a dealer and to have an authorized service provider.
  • Ratings

    Walking Area 9
    Power 7.25
    Cushioning 8.8
    Reliability 6.6
    Noise Level 6.5
    Quality 6.5
    Value 4.1
    Warranty 9

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