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BH TS200i Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

*You've got to give it to BH they have more selection than a shopping mall.

All I have to say is that if you have $1,799 to spend think of one word: NordicTrack or Sole (oops, that's three words)! We have seen these sell at a huge discounts. I was just in a store a few weeks ago where the dealer must have been closing them out for the new year's models because it was listed nearly half off. If you see one of these at full retail, keep moving along to a much better deal from another brand. This would make a great $1,000 machine but when you set it beside a $1,799 Icon unit, you realize how overpriced this one is.


Walking Area 7.1
Power 6.1
Cushioning 6.3
Reliability 5.4
Noise Level 5.5
Quality 4.6
Value 3.9
Warranty 8