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BH SK8900 Treadmill Review - $7,199.00

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  • How Long Will The BH SK8900 Last?

    Paying nearly $7k for a BH treadmill is a spectacle on the level of watching a moonshot. Although the factory that makes BH machines is one of the best producers of treadmills in the world, you have to realize that Hyundai is one of the best car manufacturers in the world but I'm not rushing out to buy an Eqquus. Some companies that once were low-end manufacturers have gone out of business and who claim blame companies for wanting to get out of the sights of Icon but this is not going to do it for BH.
  • Brief Overview

    These aren't the droids you are looking for. If you buy this, there is a good chance you have been the victim of a Jedi mind trick!
  • Ratings

    Walking Area 10
    Power 8.8
    Cushioning 7.2
    Reliability 7.2
    Noise Level 5.8
    Quality 7.5
    Value 1.8
    Warranty 8.8

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