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BH S5Ti Treadmill Review

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How long will the BH S5Ti last?

A very solid treadmill with a price that will make you feel like a leper when you realize what you should have paid. BH has a Sysyphean task ahead of it if they think they can eventually sell high-end treadmills. Why not stick to what you do best? The idea of plunking down $2,500 for a BH treadmill should have the same result as when Volkswagen introduced their $80,000 luxury car. When I saw one in a parking lot I approached the owner and asked how he liked the car and he said he loved it! I knew that VW could make a nice car because they also own Bentley but why pay $80k for a VW when you can buy a high end Audi from the same company for the same price.

Brief Overview

We usually feel like Naaman the leper when we go into a BH booth at one of these fitness shows. I guess the truth hurts.


Walking Area 8.2
Power 7.5
Cushioning 6.5
Reliability 5.9
Noise Level 6.1
Quality 6.1
Value 3.4
Warranty 7

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James Zeller- Horrible Warranty on a fairly nice treadmillFeb 25, 2019

When I bought the treadmill I was told that there was a ten-year warranty on parts for it. One year later, the belt just stopped moving. I called Baker Fitness (from whom I bought the treadmill) and was told that I would need three parts. It has now been FIVE MONTHS since my first call and the belt has still not been supplied. The treadmill is useless and, in my mind, so is the company. I would never recommend to anyone to purchase a BH treadmill.

Ron D- Stay awayMay 14, 2019

Bought this $2400 unit in 2016 and 3 months later they replaced the drive motor, control arm, and the circuit board. The treadmill was still kicking out with a code 5 so BH replaced the whole unit.18 months later the capacitors on the circuit board blew and the labor was no longer under warranty so I had to replace myself. Just last month, the motor went on 4/25 /19 so they sent me a new motor. Replaced the motor and it’s still overloading. Customer service said they were certain it must be a worn belt so we checked the data and in the 30 months I had the replacement unit I only walked 300 miles

Jeff- Poor quality don’t waste your moneyFeb 28, 2020

Had nothing but problems with this treadmill. First one failed 3 times in the first six months (luckily under full warranty). I was given a brand new treadmill to replace the failing one and within 3 months the new one failed with the same motor controller board issues. The treadmill was repaired and upgraded to a version two controller board. Its been a few month and guess what the bored needed replacing again the repair man showed me the burned circuit board. Repaired it two days ago, used once for 2 mile walk, just tried it again today and got 05 error. This sucks!