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Best Choice Treadmill Review Index

General Information:Based in California, Best Choice Products originally sold pool tables but branched out to patio furniture and now a plethora of household products. To the uninitiated, you wouldn�t think pool tables would have much to do with fitness equipment but the industries are actually related and when you visit factories in Asia, you find many making a wide assortments of products from whole treadmills and ellipticals to pool tables, ping pong tables, and even squeeze balls and hand exercisers.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Low, low, low quality treadmills are our experience. When you are selling a product for less than $200 that is a heavy item (relatively), you spend a bunch on shipping so the cost of the product and inbound freight can�t be too much or you will lose money. So sell a bunch, hopefully they won�t be used much for a short time and then the unit will be out of warranty.

Company Outlook : If fitness doesn�t work out for them, Best Choice will likely move on to other things. These machines are very cheaply made and I wouldn�t recommend one even for the typical �grandma� type of user. If you only have this type of budget, save yourself a long term nightmare and get one of the $10 to $15 a month club memberships.