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Alpine 1200W

Alpine has not reached many high peaks with the 1200W. Alpine’s 1200W may be affordable but see h...

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Who Manufacturers Alpine Treadmills?

General Information:They are a seller on Amazon's Marketplace and from our research, they are located in Pennsylvania. They are estimated to have over 10,000 items for sale on Amazon from baby products all the way to sporting goods. Obviously a seller of a wide variety of products is simply an importer that is throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks. Low end fitness equipment apparently is one of those attempts.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Quality is, in our opinion, very poor. Apparently, it is similar to their idea of putting up a website because when you go to the URL below, it goes to a Godaddy parking page. It was registered in 2015 but maybe they will get to it one day. Hopefully they will do the same with the quality but with the shoddy nature of the product and the low price they are trying to hit, you could justify skepticism.

Company Outlook : We expect little to no product support. We called the telephone number on the test model we bought and got someone who had to pull out a few manuals to find any information. In fact, when given the item number off the front of the manual, the rep was unable to find our model. We had to help describe the product and hopefully they were reading out of the right manual. Do you really want to order spare parts for your machine that way?