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AFG Pro 7.2AT Treadmill Review

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How long will the AFG Pro 7.2AT last?

The best quality in the AFG Pro 7.2 treadmill is its strong build. Though we do not love this treadmill's imbalance between substance and style, the higher presence of substance-based features will make for a more durable treadmill. Therefore, we would recommend the Pro 7.2AT for a moderate user who enjoys walking and light jogging on a weekly basis. <br _/><br _/> As always, please keep in mind that we make our assessments with the idea that the treadmill will be properly taken care of. Accordingly, please be sure to read up on how to maintain your machine. You can extend your machine's life by simply unplugging your treadmill after use and cleaning the running surface every now and then.

Brief Overview

You would more than likely not want a car that has the best GPS system and can call, text, and even sing but cannot make it from your house to the store. Likewise, you more than likely wouldn't want a car that can drive cross-country without even so much as a cassette player. For us, this preference for style and substance also translates to treadmills. Unfortunately, the Pro 7.2AT is similar to the cross-country car: decent substance but barely any technology. Though we like the quality build of this model, we do not find justification in AFG's price tag. The Pro 7.2AT will likely last a moderate user a decent number of years, but you do not receive the valuable technology that other treadmills offer in this price range.

Overall Quality

Let’s start with the bad and end on a good note. The main reason why we do not recommend the Pro 7.2AT over other treadmills is that there are other treadmills with the same price tag that offer more value for the money. There are treadmills that have web-capable touchscreens as well as more built-in workouts. Our top four treadmills in this price bracket average about twenty built-in workouts, the Pro 7.2AT only has ten with a simple, LCD screen. Additionally, this treadmill does not have very many enticing features. The Pro 7.2AT has the average twelve mph speed capability, twenty-inch walking area, and fifteen percent incline ability. To top it all off, AFG has only given a three-year-parts and one-year labor warranty. Other treadmills in this price range offer better technology, more workout challenging features, and five-year coverage. Therefore, when we compare the Pro 7.2AT to other treadmills with similar price tags, we simply cannot find AFG’s justification for pricing this model so high. <br _/><br _/> With that said, there are still a few positive aspects. Though they have not provided the most valuable technology or features, AFG has built a very strong treadmill. The Pro 7.2AT has an above average build for this price range. This shows that AFG has chosen a high price tag because they value the treadmill's substance over its style. Additionally, there is another note about the warranty that we would like to mention. We are disappointed in AFG's unwillingness to give a little more coverage. But we do have to recognize the value in the company that backs the warranty. If you were in some kind of raffle drawing, wouldn't you much rather receive $500 dollars' worth of merchandise from Academy Sports than $500 dollars' worth from Dollar General? Sure, you may get more things from Dollar General with that amount, but you would receive better quality items from Academy. Likewise, a Johnson warranty, as opposed to an Icon warranty, has much more value. Johnson, AFG's parent company, has a good reputation for quality service and durable products while Icon, who produces brands like NordicTrack and Proform, does not. Consequently, despite our dislikes, the Pro 7.2AT’s warranty does have a decent amount of value when compared to the less reputable brands.

Things we like

  • Compatible Software
  • Good Build
  • Professional Look
  • Good Company Backing

Things we dislike

  • X
    Not Much Technology
  • X
    Not the Most Value for the Price


Number of Programs 10
HorsePower 3.25
Speed Range 0-12
Incline/Decline Range 15
Weight Capacity 350
Belt Size 20 x 60
Folds No
Warranty Lifetime Frame and Motor, 3y Parts, 1y Labor
Heart Rate Sensor and Type Grip
Weight of Unit 285 Lbs


When we reviewed this treadmill, we counted the AFG Pro 7.2 AT as a good machine for the $1,500 price range. We especially like the large column uprights and reliable manufacturer. We have not, however, viewed this treadmill as the best out of this price range mainly because there is not much value for the price. We have said that this treadmill offers a quality build without the matching technology.


We have not ranked the Pro 7.2AT very high on our list due to its imbalance between style and substance. Though this model lacks updated technology and valuable features, it is still priced rather high. We do like that AFG has equipped the Pro 7.2AT with a reputable warranty and a durable build. But we simply do not think that the price tag matches the value based on these two attractive factors alone. Thus, if you are a moderate user who values durability over enticing technology-based features, then we would recommend the Pro 7.2AT if you can find it on sale.

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