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NordicTrack X32I Treadmill Review

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How long will the NordicTrack X32I last?

Now the folks at Icon put a premium price on the Nordictrack x32i, so we bet you're wondering how long this incline trainer will last you. We at Treadmill Doctor think this incline trainer is well built and if you’re not extremely heavy you should get some quality years out of the x32i. However, once again we are disappointed in the fact that Icon gives such a short warranty. This begs the question if Icon doesn’t have faith in their machine’s duration, should you? Most responsible owners will never have an issue with this x32i, but still having the assurance of a warranty is a nice thing to have. While a parts failure is not the norm it does happen. Those big screens and lower controllers for example can be costly to replace or repair. Another thing to consider is the cost of parts after the warranty has expired. We like the motor and don’t see an immediate issue with that. The running belt is well constructed and if maintained you should get years of use out of it. The handles are constructed nicely, but we can’t speak to the longevity for some large and strong users in the sled mode. Generally, speaking we believe that the X32i will last a few years with proper maintenance. but just wished that Icon had given a more generous warranty for a machine commanding this price.

Brief Overview

The Nordictrack x32i Incline Trainer is the Second-place winner in Treadmill Doctor’s 2021 Best Buy List for treadmills in the $3000-$3999 price range. The Nordictrack x32i is more than just a treadmill it is an incline trainer which gives the user a large decline and incline range. In fact, you may want to measure your ceiling to make sure you’re not bumping your head while training to climb mountains. This x32i is Nordictrack’s highest-end incline trainer and thus is built with the best components they have to offer. It’s a large machine and is going to take up some space and may not fit thru all doors once assembled. So, keep that in mind if you plan on moving soon. This incline trainer is notable and offers a very plush running/climbing area. It comes equipped with a magnificent 32” interactive touch screen which is designed to run Icon’s fabled Ifit technology. If your more of a traditionalist no need to worry the x32i comes equipped with 50 preprogrammed onboard workouts.

Overall Quality

The Nordictrack X32i is built with the highest quality components the folks at Icon have to offer. It’s a well-built machine but we wish they had used some heavier-duty components. This incline trainer has a limited weight capacity which speaks to the underlying build. While not bad it's not truly designed for heavy individuals but tall or lighter individuals. The quality of the 32" interactive touch screen is solid; has great picture quality. We like the fact that Icon chose to incorporate a good selection of programs with this x32i as well as the Ifit, which is not a common feature from Icon. Just to give a perspective Ifit costs around $400 a year, if that helps with any indication of the value of the x32i. We at Treadmill Doctor like the construction of the handles which are incorporated into the sled push feature of the incline trainer. We must admit the x32i is pretty sweet looking but how long will it last?

Things we like

  • 32" Touchscreen
  • Huge Incline Range
  • Nice Decline Range
  • Good Motor
  • Program Selection

Things we dislike

  • X
    Short Warranty
  • X
    Icon's Customer Service
  • X
    Limited Weight Capacity


Number of Programs 1 Year of IFit & 50 programs
Heart Rate Sensor & Type EKG/BT
Horsepower 4.25
Speed Range 12 MPH
Incline/Decline Range ,-6-40%
Weight Capacity 300 lbs.
Belt Size 22"x65"
Folds No
Weight of Unit 445 LBS
Warranty 10 Years Frame, 2 Years Parts, and 1 Year Labor


This is the first time the Treadmill Doctor has reviewed the Nordictrack X32i. Please see our other Nordictrack reviews as well as alternative treadmills on our website.


In conclusion, the Nordictrack x32i is a remarkable machine. It has a lot of things going for it. It has a huge elevation range and a very wide and long-running surface. The 32" touchscreen is notable and has a good picture quality. We like the fact that Icon has given the user a good number of pre-programmed workouts to choose from as well as Ifit. Sometimes it seems like they are a software company that happens to build fitness equipment as well. We like the handles and enjoy the sled mode option. While expensive, this incline trainer is less expensive than legitimate commercial incline trainers. The x32i also has an impressive speed range that allows it to be used as a treadmill as well. While this Nordictrack is a beast in size and weight we wish that Icon had used some heavier duty frame materials as well as other heavier-duty components. That would have allowed the x32i to handle larger individuals. Again, we do not like that Icon has failed to supply a longer warranty with this incline trainer. All in all, there are certainly enough features to like about this incline trainer to recommend it to most users.