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Walking Belt for the Proform EKG Model 297880

The Proform EKG Model 297880 is a residential treadmill sold by ICON HEALTH Fitness, which is the largest treadmill manufacturer in the world. The required walking belt comes as a single ply thickness. At Treadmill Doctor, we supply the highest quality belt at the lowest price for the consumer. A happy customer is a future customer. When customers contact Treadmill Doctor, we first ask for the correct model number so that we can get the proper belt for their treadmill, allowing the customer to purchase the correct size. If the belt ordered and shipped is the wrong belt, the company will have to re-ship the belt and incur additional shipping charges. At Treadmill Doctor, it is our desire to get it right the first time. All of our walking and running belts are shipped pre-lubricated, and we ship an extra belt lubrication kit along with each belt. We recommend that all walking belts are re-lubricated every six months to a year with our World Famous Treadmill Doctor belt lubricant. Other manufacturers have their lubricant or ways to lubricate the belt, but the lubricant we have will be compatible with all walking belts. The replacement of the walking belt should be done every three to five years depending on the amount of use the treadmill gets and how many family members use the machine daily.

The lubricant used on Treadmill Doctor belts is a liquid or gel type synthetic silicone lubricant that we have come up with and even improved over the years. Many times other treadmill manufacturers have run out of their lube and have called us to order some lube for their machines until they receive some from their supplier. There are numerous types of lube out there that may work. Some manufacturers use a straight 100% pure silicone and some use the old wax system. We have found over the years that our Treadmill Doctor lube will work the best in all applications.

The type of running belt for the Proform EKG Model 297880 is a single-ply belt that comes on the machine from the factory. Treadmill Doctor recommends a two-ply belt to use as a replacement. This upgraded belt is a standard belt that is a more durable two-ply thicker belt for $79.99 and comes with a two-year warranty. The best deal for the customer is the standard two-ply professional belt for $99.99 that comes with the lifetime warranty.

On all treadmill belts, we recommend they are lubricated at lease once a year and changed on a regular basis. It is like having a car and never changing the oil in the engine. So we recommend lubricating under your walking belt and changing the belt on a regular basis. It can end up costing you in the future by having to purchase motors and motor control boards.

Technical information is located on Treadmill Doctor'Ă‚?s website at www.treadmilldoctor.com. To ensure when to replace the walking belt with a new one, you can do an amp draw test on the motor to see how many amps the old belt is pulling. These instructions, along with the belt replacement and lubrication instructions, are also on our website.

Please contact Treadmill Doctor at 1-888-362-1105 for any assistance ordering your Treadmill Doctor replacement walking belt for the Proform EKG Model 297880 or other walking belt you may need.

If you have any other questions, or if you feel that you have a problem not listed here, please contact us via e-mail at doc@treadmilldoctor.com