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New Tunturi Treadmill Reviews

Tunturi T20

The dealers for Tunturi that stick with this brand are like the plane that loses one engine. The...

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Tunturi T30

If you have $2000 to spend on a treadmill, look at NordicTrack or Precor. That makes more sense ...

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Tunturi T40

If you can get one for $700 off, it makes sense. Paying $2300 is tantamount to insanity. These ...

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Older Tunturi Reviews

Reviewed in 2012

Tunturi T50

One word if you are thinking of buying a $2700 Tunturi- True.

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Tunturi T70

$3700 for a Tunturi is not a smart move- no jokes about it because it really makes you wonder wha...

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Tunturi T80

I saw on the news a story about a guy that gave a bank teller a stick-up note on a deposit slip- ...

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Reviewed in 2009

Tunturi T60

One of the strongest models in the Tunturi lineup. The problem is that it faces machines that ar...

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Tunturi T85

A folding Tunturi for over $4000. Now I need to find someone that will make me a gold plated foo...

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Tunturi T90

Nice treadmill but for $4k, you have many other choices including many commercial machines. In t...

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Who Manufacturers Tunturi Treadmills?

General Information:This is a Finnish company that has made treadmills for many years. The new models are a vast improvement over what we have seen recently! Models are made in both Europe and in Asia and are now being distributed in the USA by Accell Fitness. With the market so crowded and Accell putting their emphasis on Bremshey, we are uncertain about the long-term prospects for this brand in the USA.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Tunturi has emerged to have a broad product lineup that has feature rich products and an acceptable quality level for the price that is being asked.

Company Outlook : Accell seems to be one of the stronger newcomers in this market and if this were a normal downturn we wouldn't have any question if they were going to be around, but this is not a normal downturn. It will depend upon how much money Accell wants to spend in order to ride this downturn out as to whether we will see the Bremshey brand 5 years from today. The Tunturi brand hasn't had as much luck in the US market over the years and new distributors for Tunturi have been more common than we would prefer to see, especially considering product support. We don't expect to see this brand around in 5 years.