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Who Manufacturers Trimline Ellipticals?

General Information:Trimline was a spin-off from Roadmaster Corporation and was purchased by management, who subsequently sold out to Schwinn and at this point, they are part of the Nautilus Health & Fitness Group. Trimline stopped production and we have ceased coverage for this brand.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Their design philosophy was: make a good treadmill and put the money where it is important. They gave their machines decent core drive system parts and then cut corners wherever possible. From what we have been told, production has been halted for a long time. We still provide parts support for this brand.

Company Outlook : With the continued recession, we have learned that the weaker companies have had a hard time with many of them going out of business. Nautilus continues to bleed money so we can't help but speculate that time might not be on Nautilus' side.