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Treadmill test points for power to console

Starting with Motor controller (Looking for 120vac)

Test for 120vac at L1 & L2

  • Yes you have 120vac
  • No you don't have 120vac ( Then look into connection issue at on /off switch assembly)

Testing for 13vac at transformer which is the 2 blues wires.

  • Yes you have 13vac from the 2 blue wires
  • No 13vac at the two blue wires then transformer is bad (Units that the transformer just plugs in you can replace just the transformer. If transformer is solder to board then the entire Motor controller needs replacement)

Relay test points for voltage.

Please test the Yellow and Red wires on the Jumper wire that goes from Motor controller to relay. *Note on 8 pin relay board its Black & White wires

  • Yes you have 13vac then we can move on
  • No you don't have 13vac the harness may have a bad connection, please double check connection.

Please check to see if you have 13vac on the Blue & Gray wires that are part of the 7 pin harness at relay that goes up to console. *Note on 8 pin harness it Gray & Orange wires.

  • Yes you have 13vac at Blue & Gray at relay board.
  • Yes you have 13vac at console on Blue & Gray.
  • If you do not have voltage at console that there is a broken wire or something in harness in not connected.

*Note all reading taken with power on and safety key in

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