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Treadmill Powers Off Without Error Code

Includes Keys, Ironman, Alliance, Milestone, Encore, HealthTrainer, some Smooth models, some CardioZone models, Galyans, and several other brands.

Typically a Keys treadmill will give you an error code if it unexpectedly shuts off. If not, follow the steps below.

  1. Check the safety key.
  2. Check the house breaker and the outlet.
  3. Check the 15 amp breaker on the treadmill (if equipped).

a. If the breaker has tripped, let the treadmill sit for 15 minutes then power back up. If it trips again but in a shorter amount of time, you have a belt/deck friction problem.
b. If the breaker has tripped but tripped on power up, check for a short-to-ground condition in the electrical parts of the treadmill.

  1. Check all the wiring connections. A loose or corroded wire can cause a brief loss of power that will not result in an error code.
  2. Check the membrane switches. If there is a stuck switch, especially the power switch, it can cause this condition.
  3. Check for an overheating motor. There is a thermal switch in the motor if the motor has blue wires. This can be due to a faulty motor or high belt/deck friction problems. Check for charring in the motor wiring, wiring connectors, or a burning smell.

Check for an overheating console. The console does not run on high voltage so if it is overheating you need to replace the PCB.