Nordictrack Walkfit Friction Problems

There can be three different problems if your WalkFit has too much tension.

Step 1

The tensioning cable has a malfunction. This just doesn't happen but if the other two tests don't check out, try this test. Underneath the treadmill, the tensioning cable is attached to a lever which attaches to the tension strap. Remove the spring from the lever and test the treadmill. If the tension problem remains, the problem is not in the cable.

Step 2

The walking belt needs lubrication. Please click on our belt/deck inspection instructions if this is the case just to make sure.

The tension strap is worn out. To test if this is the problem, remove the black tension strap from around the cast iron flywheel. Get on the treadmill and walk normally on it. If the tension problem has gone away, you need a new tension strap. If the treadmill is still hard to walk on, you most likely have a belt/deck friction problem. Use the Treadmill Lube for NordicTrack Walkfit that we sell on our site. Click on our belt/deck inspection instructions just to make sure you don't have a worn out belt and deck.