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SportsArt E835

Big price tag for a SportsArt elliptical. If you are willing to spend this much on a machine, you...

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SportsArt E845

StarTrac is still building solid equipment for the Club and everywhere else.

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Older SportsArt Reviews

Reviewed in 2014

SportsArt E 825

If you are thinking of putting this much money into an elliptical you are better served by purcha...

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SportsArt E 830

Paying $5K for a SportsArt is like paying $100K for a Hyundai. I'm sure it's possible but in bot...

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Reviewed in 2013

SportsArt E 822

The E822 used to be a valued competitor against Lifefitness, now it's just overpriced. The Sports...

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SportsArt E 83

SportsArt's E83 is a high-quality machine but you will have to pay for it. Our 3rd Runner up 201...

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Reviewed in 2012

SportsArt 803

The best value of the SportsArt machines . . . but that’s not saying much.

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SportsArt E 805

Not a bad elliptical ... just overpriced

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SportsArt 807

An extra $200 for an LED display!?!

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SportsArt E 80

This was a needed new model for SportsArt

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SportsArt E 82

" The best of the SportsArt elliptical lineup . . . at this price we would buy a Precor.

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SportsArt E 821

" If you are interested in the E821 save some money and buy a Precor."

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SportsArt TR20f

The foldup version of the value machine for SportsArt. We would go with the Sole foldup and save...

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Who Manufacturers SportsArt Ellipticals?

General Information:SportsArt is an importer of machines from Taiwan. The only problem they have is that they are now trying to position their lineup as a premium brand and that category is already filled with the giants like Precor, Landice, and True. While they make a good quality machine, the quality is more along the lines of Lifefitness home machines- which is not a good thing.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Great industrial design once made these a high value proposition before they drastically raised prices. From our viewpoint, it looks like they are concentrating much harder on the commercial market, which, along with the price increases, makes the home models unattractive in our opinion.

Company Outlook : SportsArt has made some inroads in the commercial arena. The home ellipticals and treads are less of a value and we wonder where they fit in overall in the business, especially compared with machines from Precor, True, and other high-end brands. They seem to want to get a premium price for a value product. If you want to pay for a brand name without getting the brand, this is a great choice!