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General Information:An importer of treadmills primarily sold in the mass market and Wal-Mart.  It is very hard though to make a high quality machine in the price range they are targeting.  We are apprehensive about whether Sportcraft will be another importer that won’t have treadmills long enough to support product for the long run.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Cheap, cheap, cheap!  As we stated three years ago, their electronics design was the worst we had ever seen on a treadmill. That wonderful design was part of a recall of a model of their treadmills that had a problem reportedly accelerating to full speed.  They repeated that problem with another recall in the Summer of 2005.  Once again, another recall was issued in Spring of 2006.  In our book, just like in baseball and felonies (in some states), 3 strikes and you’re out!

Company Outlook : Mass merchants were looking for an alternative to Icon and all they got was a problem and lawsuits waiting to happen.  We expect them to continue mass-marketing game tables and the like but we believe they should stay away from making fitness equipment.