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Slip Coat Lube Application Instructions

Be careful when walking or running on a freshly lubricated belt. A danger of a fall and serious injury is always present.

Our slip coat lube comes in two sizes- 6 oz. and 32 oz. Each application to the belt should be approximately 1 oz. Our techs mark the bottle when they are in the field so they will know how much to use so make 6 equal marks on the regular size bottle or 32 marks on the large bottle.

Inspect belt and deck. The deck should be smooth. The belt should have a consistent feel from side to side (a belt can be worn out without any sensory signs of a problem). If you feel deep grooves in the deck or uneven wear on the underside of the belt, part replacement is necessary. Continued use of your treadmill may damage expensive electrical components.

To inspect the belt and deck visually or to clean underneath the belt before applying lubricant, the belt must have the tension reduced. Loosen the tension roller by following the instructions in your owner's manual. Do not loosen the bolts in the tension roller too far or the bolts will come out of the roller shaft. This step may not be necessary for your treadmill model or belt and deck condition. If you do not have an owner's manual, go to our homepage at www.treadmilldoctor.com and click on the Repair Help link. An illustration explaining how to adjust the belt is listed there.

Contaminants are the worst enemy of your belt and deck. Some treadmills may have an excessive accumulation of dirt and contaminants. If these are trapped during the belt lube process, significant damage will occur. If contaminant removal is necessary, loosen the belt by following step 2, lay the treadmill on its' side, and use a nylon brush to loosen contaminants that have accumulated on the inside of the belt. Clean the deck with mineral spirits in a well-ventilated area. Allow the deck to dry before lubing or tightening the belt.

4. Lift the belt and spray approximately 1 oz. of the lube in the walking area lengthwise. Spray 1 oz. of the lube to the underside of the belt. DO NOT PUT ANY LUBE IN AN AREA WHERE YOU FEET MAKE CONTACT WITH THE WALKING BELT. The lube is usually not harmful to the skin but has the potential to permanently stain fabric.

Adjust belt tension and centering following your owner's manual instructions if you have loosened the belt to clean or use the diagram on our website. LOOSENING THE WALKING BELT IS NOT NECESSARY JUST TO APPLY THE LUBE. Start the treadmill at 2-3 mph and allow to run for 5 minutes without walking on the treadmill. If you have a manual treadmill, just walk the lube in. Check centering carefully and adjust as needed following your owner's manual instructions or use the diagram on our website. Using your treadmill's handrails and safety switch for safety and support, walk on the treadmill at 2-3 mph. CAUTION!!! BELT MAY HESITATE. THIS CAN CREATE AN INJURY IF BELT IS NOT PROPERLY TENSIONED! Within 5 minutes the lube will be preliminarily walked in to the backing of the belt. Damage and/or injury may occur if the belt is not properly centered and tensioned by using your owner's manual.

CAUTION: Do not run on the treadmill until you are certain the belt tension and centering is correct according to your owner's manual specifications. Make certain that there are no friction spots that may cause belt hesitation. INJURY CAN OCCUR IF BELT IS NOT ADJUSTED PROPERLY!!!

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY: KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. If contents are swallowed, DO NOT induce vomiting and seek medical care immediately. If product comes into contact with eyes, flush with fresh water and seek medical care immediately. If product comes into contact with skin, thoroughly wash skin surface as soon as possible. If irritation, discoloration, or a rash is apparent, contact a physician for medical care.

If you have any other questions, or if you feel that you have a problem not listed here, please contact us via e-mail at doc@treadmilldoctor.com.