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I have an SI2 error code while I am using my treadmill

SI2 Error Code- If it Happens During Operation

Includes Keys, Ironman, Alliance, Milestone, Encore, HealthTrainer, some Smooth models, some CardioZone models, Galyans, and several other brands.

Meaning of code:
The overvolt protection circuit of the controller is active and it will not output voltage to the motor.

Step 1

Turn off the treadmill, unplug it, wait 10 minutes, then restart the treadmill. See if you can get it to operate normally.

Step 2

Try the calibration help topic from our repair help section.

Step 3

Run the treadmill for a few minutes, then check the motor for overheating. Check the motor for signs of overheating like a smoky smell, charred power leads, or charred connectors.

Step 4

Check the motor brushes. They are connected to the ends of the red and black motor wires. The brushes should be solidly in their holders and have an even surface that curves with the commutator in the motor.

Step 5

Use the motor testing help topic from our repair help section to make sure the motor is good.

If motor tests good and still you randomly get the SI2 code, replace the console.