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Sears Treadmill Parts

Sears is doing their best to make their mark on the fitness community. They have been providing treadmills and ellipticals for some time now. They sell in the United States as Lifestyler and in Canada under the name FreeSpirit. If you've purchased their equipment, you will eventually be required to do some maintenance and even replace some worn down treadmill parts. Here at Treadmill Doctor, we take pride in providing you with what you need to get your fitness equipment operating correctly.

We have the components you need for several of Sears' models, including the Air Runner, Lifestyler 6100VLP, LS3100PS, LS2800, LS5000PSI, PF1026EXP, 2010 EXL, and many more.

Regardless of the model you own, we most likely have the parts you need to for a successful treadmill repair. Whether you're looking for a roller, drive belt , motor control board, endcap , walking belt, or drive motor, we're stocked up with replacements for your treadmill.