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On many treadmills, the factory originally made the drive roller with a traction sleeve to help grip the belt. This allows the belt to operate at a lower tension and subsequently, a lower amp draw which will prolong electronics and/or motor life as well as belt life. If you have a
sleeve on your drive roller, do not remove it.

If the sleeve is moving off to one side, which is a common problem on some treadmill, there are a few things you can try:

1) Trim the sleeve so it will be centered on the belt. A sleeve that is not centered will cause your belt to move to one side, will offload the force on the belt seam causing it to track unevenly and wear unevenly, and can ruin your walking belt. This will cause you to make regular adjustments to it and eventually you will need to replace the sleeve or the roller.

2)Replace the roller. The sleeve is either put on with an air compressor or by a heat machine so even if you could get the sleeve (which you cannot through the factories) most people would have no way to put it on.

3) The final option is to replace the sleeve cover. We finally have sleeve kits in stock after a long wait. You will need a torch or a heat gun to shrink the sleeve to the roller. The sleeve kit is $29.99 and includes everything you will need except the heat device. If you prefer that we do the work, we charge $49.99 for the parts and labor to do this and the roller has to be shipped to our Memphis warehouse.

If you have questions, email us at doc@treadmilldoctor.com