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I need to replace my handrail switch

Replacing Handrail Switches

Includes Keys, Ironman, Alliance, Milestone, Encore, HealthTrainer, some Smooth models, some CardioZone models, Galyans, and several other brands.

The original handrail switches that Keys used in their treadmills are mechanical switches. These are sometimes called a rocker switch. They are easy to replace if needed. The new switches used in the last few years of production were membrane switches and you don't have to go to this trouble to replace them.

Step 1

Use two flat head screwdrivers. Gently pry the switch from the sides and then work from the front edge. You will see the plastic tabs that hold the switch in place. Squeeze the tabs once you have it pried high enough and the switch will slide out of the opening.

Step 2

Replace the wire connections on the back of the switch from the old switch to the new switch.

Step 3

Once the wires are back in place try the new switch before reinstalling. Sometimes you will need to reorient the switch to when you press up, the speed goes and, and vice-versa.

Step 4

Once you have the switch oriented properly, snap it back into its holder and you are ready to use your treadmill.