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Replace Smooth incline motor

after sales service guide

Before replacing incline motor *** TURN TREADMILL OFF! ***

Step 1

Fold the treadmill up. You will see the shaft of the incline motor underneath the frame. You will need to take the screw out of the shaft. This is easier if you lay the treadmill on its side. This will take pressure off of the incline motor.

Step 2

Put the treamdill back in the upright position and fold it back down. Remove the screws from the motor cover to expose the incline motor.

Step 3

Remove the screw going throught the green ground wire from the incline motor. (see picture)

Step 4

Use needle nos pliers to take off the motor wire connector from the control board from top to bottom: red black white (right side of control board in picture)

Step 5

Remove the bolt going through the top of the incline motor. You will need a wrench and allen tool. All thats left is to remove the incline motor!