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Replace the Drive Motor on a Smooth 5.65i

Before replacing the motor - *** TURN TREADMILL OFF ***

Step 1

With a Phillips Screwdriver, remove 5 screws in order to remove the motor cover.

Step 2

Fold Treadmill and remove bolt for the incline motor.

Step 3

This step will require a helper to hold the deck. Remove the bolt for the extension tube then gently lower deck to the floor.

Step 4

Lift the front of the treadmill up and support.

Step 5

Remove the grounding screw and any motor wire cable ties.

Step 6

Remove the M+ and M- from the motor controller

Step 7

Remove the sensor from the motor.

Step 8

Using either an allen wrench or a box wrench, remove the mounting bolts.

Step 9

Loosen the adjuster bolts.

Step 10

Remove the drive belt.

Step 11

Remove motor

Step 12

Transfer Bracket and then reverse the process to install the new motor.