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ProGear 300LS Air

The 300LS Air is a turd of an elliptical. Seeing that Donald Trump is now president I feel comfo...

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Who Manufacturers ProGear Ellipticals?

General Information:This brand is made by Paradigm Health and Wellness. ProGear is near the bottom of the basement in terms of price and quality. They have been manufacturing under the Exerpeutic brand name and recently acquired the rights to produce under the Ironman brand.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Make a cheap unit and put as little value into the product seems to be the norm. It appears to be engineered to be built as cheaply as possible to entice those people who believe you can spend $200 and get a quality machine. Expect just about as much quality as you should get for a $100 or $200 retail machine. These machines are for those people who want to say they have exercise equipment in their home and never use it.

Company Outlook : New brands pop up at the low end all the time. Like the horrible SportCraft treadmills that were sold at Walmart a few years ago, the ProGear ellipticals give us the same feeling when we open up the plastic covers and look at the low quality parts that they have used.