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Pro-Form Crosswalk GTX Treadmill

Pro-Form and Icon?

From Weslo to Nordic Track and back. ICON is the master when it comes to giving customers the illusion of choice. Pro-Form is brand name subsidiary of ICON Health & Fitness Inc. ICON is undeniably the industry leader in the home fitness industry especially when you considering the other names that are under the Icon umbrella. There are 13 main brands that they service starting with their flagships Nordic Track & Weslo then there is Weider, HealthRider, and Epic to name a few of the more notable brands. They also have a commercial brand called FreeMotion you may have seen in gyms and apartment fitness centers. All this combined with big name licensing deals from companies like Reebok and Gold's Gym makes Icon a giant among giants in the fitness equipment industry.

Pro-Form GTX Treadmill Overview

Pro-Form is a great treadmill in most affordable way possible. This doesn't mean that it's for everyone but if you an average person that just need to get off the couch and get your heart rate up a bit it gets the job done. That being said, if you marathon runner that trains daily then a $500 treadmill just isn't made for you but if you someone who only needs to walk daily or run a couple times a week then there is nothing wrong with the GTX.

One of the most interesting things you'll notice about the GTX is that it's designed with an upper body option. This option uses small knobs at the bottom that you turn making the resistance harder or softer. This is something you won't see on many treadmills so it make this model stand out. As for being a practical feature you're only really able to use it while walking so it really depends on the user.

Pro-Form GTX Problems and Trouble Shooting

As with most things that are mass manufactured there are a few common problems that we see with the Pro-Form GTX treadmill. Most of these problems are all cause by the same issue. Just like your vehicle need the oil changed, your treadmill needs service too. This usually comes in the form of lubing the belt every once in a while and vacuuming all the dust out from underneath. Don't feel bad if you haven't done this, you are with the majority of people on that one but this where most of the problems arise.

Your treadmill might be cutting off mid-run, you turn on the treadmill and the breaker trips, the belt floats to one side, or the belt skips when you run. All of these can be attributed to the condition of your belt and deck. If you lift up the belt and look under it you'll see a plastic sheet on top of the walking deck. This is a Mylar film or slip sheet that the belt slides on to prevent friction. If stick your hand in between the walking belt and the platform you'll probably feel some grooves that have worn in while running. If the grooves deep or the Mylar film is broken it probably time to change the belts. If your deck is warped or bowed in anyway then you also need to change the deck.

You may see Mylar fix kits online and this will work as long as you change the walking belt and there is no damage to the walking deck. If the walking deck is damaged this will only remedy your issue temporarily as it is only on part of the problem and using this kit under an old belt can even exacerbate the issue. The best thing you can do is change the walking belt, the drive belt, and walking deck all at one time completely removing the Mylar film. With Treadmill Doctors belts and decks the Mylar slip sheet is unnecessary but if you're only changing the belt you must use the Mylar fix kit as well.

How much is this going to cost? The cost of the Mylar fix kit is $50, the walking belt is $49.99-$99.99 depending on the warranty, and the drive belts is $29.99. Getting your treadmill back? Priceless. Most likely this is all you'll need to get you moving again. These parts also come a worry free warranty.

If you're already past this point and you think you may have blown up the motor controller. We got you covered for only $99.99. So before you give up and throw it out give us a call or email. If you have any trouble finding parts or if you just need some advice you can always contact us for more info.

If you have any other questions, or if you feel that you have a problem not listed here, please contact us via e-mail at doc@treadmilldoctor.com