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About Treadmill Doctor

In 1998 Clark & Jon Stevenson faced a dilemma. You see, both Clark and Jon were in graduate school. Jon was studying to become the next great economist and Clark was trying to decide the meaning of his navel. The problem was that, while graduate school is great, it doesn’t pay great. Between Clark’s family and Jon’s taste for living the good life, the funds tended to run ridiculously low. Being industrious, however, Clark came up with an idea that Jon quickly embraced. Let’s fix broken exercise equipment! To understand how this came about one only has to look at the history of these two brothers. In their youth both Clark & Jon worked for a hustler that sold fitness and exercise equipment. He hired both of them while in high school and poof...they were instant repair men. Of course neither of the brothers knew anything about fixing fitness equipment, but they learned rapidly. The brothers then went their separate ways but managed to work for various fitness stores and fitness equipment manufacturers in the meantime.

It was during this time that they learned how little they actually knew about exercise equipment. Frankly it was a revelation. In working with engineers at the manufacturing plants the brothers found out that the engineers wanted to produce equipment that would cost a little and sell for a lot. They never really worried how the equipment would hold up. The next big gimmick, the next big sales hit was all that the company management would care about. The guys thought that this was a hell of a way to run a business (sarcasm included)!

Years later the brothers finally ended up in graduate school when Clark’s idea finally hit. Knowing the quality of most repair people in the fitness business, or the lack thereof, Clark knew that someone who knew what they were doing would be a big hit! Jon being a good leech knew a good thing when he saw it! The rest is history.

Treadmill Doctor has become a fitness equipment services company that specializes in the parts, repair, and maintenance of residential and commercial fitness equipment.  Treadmill Doctor is the largest fitness equipment services company in the United States and we are rapidly expanding our ability of service new and existing customers.  Our newest honor is to have been included in the Inc5000® fastest growing companies in the United States!

Treadmill Doctor has been featured in web sites and publications such as Inc. Magazine, Cooking Light, Health & Fitness Business, Runner’s World, Fitnesslink, Consumersearch, About.com, Health & Fitness News, in newspaper articles throughout the country, radio talk shows, many publications in our local area, and a book about Internet success stories.

Located in Memphis, TN Treadmill Doctor provides thousands of different treadmill parts and elliptical parts for all brands of residential and commercial fitness equipment including Lifefitness, Precor, NordicTrack, Proform, Epic, True, Pacemaster, Star Trac, Cybex, Weslo, and many others. Through our website we provide our customers with an extensive troubleshooting section for self-diagnosing and with free toll-free phone support for all of your diagnostic and purchasing needs. If you happen to live in Memphis, Nashville, Birmingham, Mobile, or Atlanta, Treadmill Doctor also provides on-site repair and maintenance services.

Treadmill Doctor's website is the best place for both commercial and residential parts. So whether you need a walking belt for your NordicTrack treadmill at home or you need 12 walking belts for your fitness center we have the best quality, best selection and the absolute best value for you! Our combination of quality, service and price cannot be beat!