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  1. Lay the NordicTrack on its side.
  2. Use a Phillips head screwdriver and remove the screws in the side of the wood panel.
  3. Some models also have other retaining bolts on the wood side, so if necessary, remove these bolts as well.
  4. Lift the side panel off. The shafts of the drive rollers (center) and idle rollers (ends) fit into the side panel so be careful since it could cause the rollers to fall out and you need to know where they fit back in the system.
  5. To remove the rollers once the panel is off, simply slide them off the shaft.
  6. If the shafts show signs of corrosion or uneven wear, use an emery cloth or fine grit sandpaper to even the shaft out.
  7. Before installing the new rollers, put a few drops of household 3-In-1 oil on the shafts to lubricate.
  8. Put the new rollers back on the shaft. The idle rollers are not directional. The drive rollers are directional so before replacing the panel, make sure they freewheel when they are spun towards the front of the machine and that they catch or the clutch in the bearing on the drive roller engages and locks when they spin in the rearward direction. If the drive roller does not engage and freewheel properly, simply pull it off and reverse the roller and retest.
  9. Replace the side panel with the fasteners, making sure that the shafts of the rollers are in the recesses cut into the side panel. Secure the panel with the original hardware.
  10. Move the NordicTrack to an upright position and test with a ski.

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