What to Do if the Skier is Bogging Down

If the leg exerciser part of your ski machine bogs down during use, there are a few areas to check out:

Step 1

Make sure the rollers are moving freely under the skis. Most have six rollers. The front two rollers and rear two rollers should spin in either direction freely. If not, put a few drops of household oil on the shafts. If the problem persists, replace the rollers. The middle rollers are the drive rollers. They should spin freely in the forward direction and catch the shaft in the rearward direction. If they don't replace the drive rollers.

Step 2

Make sure the tension strap is not worn. If you have never replaced the tension strap, flip it over?it has two wear sides and this should correct the problem. If it does, you can buy a spare strap for the future from our site.

Step 3

Check for rust on the flywheel. If the channel is rusted that the tension strap rests upon, you will not be able to get the machine to work properly. Resurface the flywheel with emery cloth and clean with mineral spirits.

Step 4

Check the underside of the skis. If you have a rubber build-up, clean the skis and then re-oil the wood so it doesn't dry out and split.