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Smooth Treadmill no belt movement test procedures

Testing voltage readings from the relay board on pins #3 (White) & #7 (Black) on the 7 pin harness from relay to console. ( *Note 8 pin harness would be the #3 Blue & #7 Green wires that need to be tested)

  • Here are the VDC output readings you should be getting.
  • .5mph you should have 1.9vdc.
  • 2.5mph you should have 2.6vdc.
  • 5.0mph you should have 3.6vdc.
  • 10.0mph you should have 5.6vdc.

*If you get these readings but still not belt movement go to step 2.

*If you don't get these reading it's a console issue.

Testing motor voltages on the 5 or 6 pin Jumper wire from relay to Motor controller, on 7 pin relay it's the #5 (Black) & #6 (White). (*Note 8 pin relay its #5 Yellow & #4 Blue wires)

  • Here is the reading you should be getting.
  • .5mph would be 8.0vdc
  • 2.5mph would be 6.1vdc
  • 5.0mph would be 4.6vdc
  • 10mph would be 1.6vdc

*If you get these readings move onto step 3

*If you do not get these readings it's a relay.

Testing on the Motor controller at M+ & M- for proper voltage output to motor.

  • .5mph you should have 7vdc + or -
  • 2.5mph you should have 22.7vdc + or -
  • 5.0mph you should have 45.5vdc + or -
  • 10mph you should have 91.3vdc + or

*If you are getting these reading but still no belt movement then you will need a motor.

* If you are not getting these reading you will need a new motor controller.

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