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Mylar FixKit Installation

  1. Remove deck board from treadmill.
  2. Place Mylar sheet on the ground lengthwise. The Mylar needs to cover the full length of the deck in a continuous sheet. Do not install Mylar around the middle of the deck.
  3. Place the wear surface of the deck facing down on top of the Mylar sheet lengthwise.
  4. Fold the Mylar over the end of the deck on one edge of the deck. Use the enclosed long cardboard strip width wise on the deck and place it on top of the Mylar. Use the screws provided and insert them through the cardboard into the deck itself.
  5. Pull the sheet snug with no excess on the wear side and attach the other cardboard strip on the reverse end of the deck using the same instructions provided for the first cardboard strip.
  6. Cut any excess Mylar off about 2 inches from the cardboard strip. Do not cut the Mylar off right against the cardboard because that can cause the Mylar to pull free eventually with use.
  7. Reinstall the deck and tension the belt.